In keeping with the trends of national economic development and advancement of an information society, Ming Chuan University established the School of Information Technology in 1999 by integrating the resources of relevant departments and graduate schools. Presently the School is comprised of the departments of Information Management, Computer and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information and Telecommunications Engineering, each offering bachelor’s and master’s programs. The School continues to strive for excellence based on our foundation of keeping in step with changes of the new century.


The School of Information Technology at Ming Chuan University aims to strive for excellence in teaching and nurture highly-qualified professionals through enhanced theory-based, application-oriented education and integration of information and electronic technologies to prepare learners with professional ethics, creativity and research ability, team spirit and global perspective.


  1. To cultivate our students to be professional engineers with information technology and electronic engineering knowledge and practical skills.
  2. In response to the future demands of technology development, we nurture mid- and high-level professionals with interdisciplinary integrated technology applications to promote students’ competitiveness. 
  3. To cultivate students with creativity, analytical ability, communication skill, team spirit, global perspective and life-long learning ability.
  4. To foster students with caring for society and cultivated humanities through emphasis on professional ethics, holistic education and morals. 


To be a model School in Taiwan with complete information and technology integration, as well as interdisciplinary research and teaching.