Factuly and Staff

Dean 100%

Yang, Chien-Kuei

Extension No.:3403, 3809
Education:Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University
Specialty:Image Processing, Image Compression, Watermarking, Multimedia database retrieval, GIS

Secretary 100%

Yu, Pei-Yeu

Extension No.:3721

  1. School Administration
  2. Budget Planning
  3. Anniversary Symposium Planning
  4. IEET Accreditation Supervision
  5. Matters Related to TQC Examinations
Engineer 100%

Su, Sheng-Nan

Extension No.:3771, 3388

  1. Network Management and Maintenance in Information Building
  2. Equipment Maintenance in Faculty Research Rooms
  3. School Computer Labs Management (S5131, S302, S304, S305) 
  4. Volunteers Management for School Computer Labs
Clerk 100%

Chiang, Hui-Hsuan

Extension No.:3723

  1. Matters Related to TQC Examinations
  2. School and TQC Website Maintenance
  3. Matters Related to Journal of Informatics & Electronics
  4. Stipend Disbursement
  5. Goods’ Purchasing for the School 
  6. Property and Inventory Management of School Office, Dean’s Office
  7. School Work-study Students’ Management
  8. Data Analysis
Special Program Senior Clerk 100%

Wang, Shih-Ying

Extension No.:3963

  1. School Computer Labs’ Management and Use
  2. Activity Execution and Reporting Related to Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities
  3. School and Department Graduation Thesis Exhibition Supervision
  4. Matters Related to Program Design and Calculus Examinations
  5. Matters Related to Journal of Informatics & Electronics
  6. Property Management and Maintenance of F602, Faculty Research Rooms, S104 and Public Space of Information Building
  7. Matters Related to Visiting Activities

ADDRESS:5 De Ming Rd., Gui Shan District, Taoyuan City 333, Taiwan